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Fetish Girl... Submissive Nila

I have always enjoyed toeing the line, breaking some rules and crossing certain lines. I like to push my limits and test authority.

Hello, My name is Nila. Think of me as a black rose, a unique beauty with rare and mysterious qualities. At first glance my dark sensuality will captivate the senses but when you bring me to bloom, the transformation is an eruption of vibrant colour and Intensity. Quite literally when I blush you will see the hot pink tones In my cheeks, and the deep pink colour between my lips.

Having been raised in the English country side, I have a received pronunciation, and have always been taught to articulate myself with clarity. A quality I value alongside discipline and obedience.

Despite my cut glass exterior, my mind is a devilishly dirty place, from a young age I have been aware of my lustful sexuality, (think Lolita and American beauty for reference).

When I was a school girl I can remember letting my math partner slip his hand under my skirt and in-between my lips during class, furiously biting my pencil to keep from making a sound, whilst the teacher was addressing the class. This temptation led to us later having sex in the girls bathroom during a media class. The thrill of it, the exhilaration of nearly get caught was titillating.

I have always enjoyed toeing the line, breaking some rules and crossing certain lines. I like to push my limits and test authority. If you let me, I will be wild and unruly. But at my core I know I can be a good girl, after all I was raised to follow the rules. I desire to meet a master that can bring me to heel, to kneel. For the right master, nothing is too much, my body and my mind are your playground, do with me as you will.

I am eager to please and also try new things. No two people are alike, and neither are their desires. Give me the opportunity to share and fulfil yours. I don't disappoint.

My body is a wonderland, skin silky soft with curves in all the right places waiting to be explored and dominated by you. Bring me to submission.

I could be your little Lolita, teach me and guide me to discover pleasure. I am longing for you to slide your hand under my skirt, push my panties aside and feel how good and wet I can be at your touch.

You might want to make me your slave girl, whose desire is to hang on your every word and fulfil your every whim. Tie me up and punish me, tease me, play with me.

Or perhaps I need to be shown a real lesson. Degrade me, expose me for the dirty little nympho you know I am, begging, gagging and pleading with you for a taste, a chance to please you.

But the possibilities are only limited by the imagination, and mine is extensive!
Being an undergraduate student of English I am a confident conversationalist with a very dirty curious mind. I get off on being a submissive little play thing.
I want to explore my desires through yours.
I want to feel your passion and lust.
Let us bring these fantasies to life.

When you choose to spend your time with me, you can be sure that the experience will be exactly as you want it. I seek to discover what gets you hot under the collar, what makes your legs tremble.
This is when I am most turned on.
This is my pleasure, discovering what makes you full with desire just before you over flow.

It is said that the only thing more precious than your time is where you choose to spend it.
So make the wise choice, Master

I am available by prior appointment. If you would like to meet me, please call to book at least 24-48 hours in advance.

  • Submissive Nila

    Age: 23
    Height: 5'7
    Figure: 36D-26-36
    Hair: Brown
    Dress Size: 14/16
    Shoes Size: 6
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    Corporal Punishments
    Tie and Tease
    Fantasy Role-Plays
    Tickling Service
    Hot Wax

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    To find out more about my services and to make an appointment, please call:

    Monday - Sunday 8am - 11pm

    Telephone: +44 (0)7725 879 382

    I am available
    By Prior Appointment