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English Spankee... Submissive Amy

Away at the moment!

My name is Amy, I am 5"8 tall, slender, blonde with dangerous curves, long legs, soft lily white skin and full luscious red lips. I can be anything you want me to be. I have a genuine passion for role play and with my creative imagination I can make your fantasy a reality, any scenario you desire I will be more then happy to do my upmost best to oblige and I fully emerge myself into any role you want me to play.

I can be a shy but naughty school girl embarrassed at the idea of having my bottom striped bare for a OTK spanking being totally exposed you will see that being spanked is making me get very wet and is more of a pleasure then a punishment so as my discipline is not having the desired affect sir decides a more stern punishment is in order & that's just what I've been hoping for...

So rather then shy and embarrassed School girl my attitude becomes mischievous and rather slutty and sir can see that I need to be put in my place and showed who's boss and what ever role I'm in I can be quickly brought down a peg or two with 6 of the best each stroke harder then the last making my whole body flush with heat from each stroke. My Lilly white bottom beauty marked with bright red stripes.

... or I can be useless secretary always late, forgetful, flirty & full of excuses, inappropriately dressed and needs to be sacked li will beg and plead for my job trying to persuade you to let me keep my job but you shut me up with a ball gag then chain me to the st Andrews cross or maybe sir would like me on my knees in front of you wearing nothing but a slut colour and lead my hands tied behind my back another favourite of mine is a maid that is not very good at the job and also you have just found out I've been steeling from you and after my attempts to seduce you have failed, you strip search me and find money that I stole rolled up in my lacy knickers.... you are very cross with me and so you bend me over giving me a nice firm hand spanking warming my bottom up nicely ready for my favourite implement...The carpet beater!

I have so many fantasy and would love to hear yours. The possibility are endless I love to try new things and I will alway do my very best to make sure you leave with a smile... I am bubbly submissive girl with the nice, round bottom, who loves having fun and I am very open-minded to exploring.

I love to experience pain and the pleasures of being submissive and I am open to exploring my ever-changing desires. I am also ticklish and while exploring bondage I have discovered that being tied up is great fun!

I enjoy being punished and put in my place, when I get out of hand. I need you to help me push my limits and explore my boundaries. I can be anything from demure and submissive to outright sassy to fiendish.

I enjoy fantasy role plays, rope, leather or chain bondage, shibari, corporal punishments, behaviour modification and training, foot worship and tickling, but am always open to any ideas that would please you. I love all types of role play, and I have a wide variety of costumes to wear: school girl, secretary, nurse, maid, etc. I like to play in many different ways, and I think there is always something new to learn and see.

Do you like seeing beautiful women tied up? I love it too but I love it even more when I'm the one bound and gagged! I appreciate the art of bondage and I think that restraints are absolutely thrilling! There is a special allure to tied up women and being tied up tightly, tenderly and creatively is what I crave.

I'm young English submissive girl, who enjoy being tied up while struggling against the ropes... my legs tied, my hands bound behind my back with nowhere to run…

When I think of the bondage, my thoughts go to being chained to a cross, strapped to a bench or hog-tied. What I find as a greatest turn-on, is the feeling of helplessness, struggle against the bonds, being at your total mercy.

I'm rather lively and emotional with many creative ideas. I enjoy playful sessions and I am very adventurous and open minded. My goal is that we both have a fun, crazy, cathartic, safe, boundary-pushing and intense time.

  • Submissive Amy

    Age: 25
    Height: 5'8
    Figure: 36C-25-36
    Hair: Blond, long
    Dress Size: 10
    Shoes Size: 6
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